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While researching the possibilities of using residues to create artificial life, an electric failure at the secret lab accidentally opened the barrels containing the experiment.

The specimens broke free in a radioactive waste leak, going straight into the Ethereum blockchain and producing 10k mutant blobs of trash ready to infest your wallet. With over 250 different attributes and several levels of rarity, the Trashers have escaped the reach of the recycling plant and are now ingrained in every alley of the Metaverse.



We’re dealing with very high levels of toxicity, so we will be sure to procede with extreme caution and pay close attention to the wishes of our community. Here’s a look at some of the things the future holds for us.

4th quarter 2021


The experiment has been a success: garbage is alive. Specimens have personalities and are rapidly learning to replicate human behavior. There is growing concern among scientists about what they have created.

2nd quarter 2022


The Trashers have escaped from the lab and are roaming free as ERC-721A tokens. They belong to you now and function as your keys to The Dumpster, a place where all vermin are welcomed and celebrated.

3rd quarter 2022


The Dumpster opens its gates for Trashers holders. Get exclusive NFTs, merch, and various perks to be announced, including voting rights and early access to upcoming experiments and iterations of the Trashers.



It’s time for the Metaverse to get trashy. The Trashers are rigged 3D models ready to partake in all things meta and bring the dirt into virtual existence. The hive mind of the community in the Dumpster will lead the way.

The Team


The melting brain behind the visuals. 3D connaisseur, detail focused, pretty colors enthusiast.


Blockchain mastermind, web developer, ruler of the algorithm. In charge of all things backend.


People person supreme. Leading the way of marketing, socials and community driven growth.